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Note to Customers:- 

(1) The above time limits are applicable to Railways for delivering various services, provided the customer has fulfilled all the relevant conditions and other pre-requisites for rendering the services.

(2) Above time schedule of delivery of services is an earnest attempt by Railways to comply in delivery of services, keeping the citizen/customers' expectations.  All efforts will be made to deliver the services within the time limits specified in the citizen charter, except for special or unusual reasons and for the reasons beyond the control of Railway administration.

(3) For reporting other deficiencies in service provided by Railways through complaints as well as other suggestions, public may access webpage on the subject 'Public grievances' in Western Railway website.


Disclaimer:- Above time limits (service levels) are indicative and the timeline for delivery of service levels does not constitute legal commitment nor does it confer any right to challenging Railways in the event of non-fulfilment of the prescribed limits. 

Source : Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-08-2016